Casa Lunatica

uptown, a house with six flats and a roof. its inhabitants, people and their pets, play mad. is it because of the moon? it's not shining from above, so where is it anyway...? this animated movie is the product of a collaboration of seven artists living in Switzerland.

a film by the seven animation dwarfs aka:
Andrej Zolotuchin (John Henry - Steel Driving Man)
Beatrice Jäggi (Halleluja)
David Pfluger (Die Zigarettenfabrik)
Elena Madrid (Zuckerwatte ist schwierig zu beissen)
Gilbert Lordong (Züri brännt (Fragezeichen)
Isabelle Favez (Circuit Marine)
Marcel Hobi (Geranienfriede)

soundtrack by Christoph Flueler/klangfaktur Aarau

running time: 7'50"

world rights:

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