my name
Beatrice Jäggi

my homeplace
Zürich, Switzerland

my birth date

my biography
born 1966 and grown up in Winterthur (Switzerland). after an intensive work with photography she made her first steps in the field of film. 1996 participated on a 16mm-film workshop at the New York university. from 1995 till 2001 realisation of several animationfilms. Since 1998 realisation of several internet projects, such as the Super-8-Fanzine ( Collaboration at the Formel-Super-8 film festival at the Rote Fabrik in Zürich (CH).

my filmography

«Tritrip» (1991)
«Der Gattenmord» (1993)
«Halleluja» (1995)
«Herr Gaché, der erste Arbeitslose im All» (1997)
«Uncle Darth's Liddle Cyberfarm» (1998)
«Into a Circle» (1999)
«The Never Ending Dance» (2001)
«Casa Lunatica» (2003)

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